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The most secure, smart, user-friendly, all-in-one school ERP system to run diverse tasks and efficiently
manage your educational institution

Bringing schools and homes closer – digitally

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The only solution your institution will ever require!

A system to increase administrative efficiency,
a tool to enhance collaboration between key stakeholders,
a reporting engine providing readily useable and easily understandable information.

Keep updated

Daily updates of classwork and assignments helps you keep track of the syllabus, even if your child is absent for a few days.

Travel & Security

Live tracking of school bus with bus stop alerts. Immediate notification when your child alights and boards the bus.

Monitor Performance

Track your child’s learning curve for every subject. All timetables, portions and results readily available on the app.

Get Reminded

: Notifications and Alerts regarding news, events and activities help you connect with the school. Never miss any due dates further.

Better Communication

Stay connected with teachers and administration.

Online Payments

No more spending time in queues. Pay fees at your convenience. Know your payment due dates and download receipts of completed payments.

Endless Features

We recognize how technology can engage and empower individuals,
offer support to educational institutions and create exceptional learning environment for students.

Simple & Friendly

Enfold has been designed keeping in mind the most basic PC/mobile app user. With a super clean dashboard and easily navigable user-interface, you require little to no time to learn to use and adapt to our digital portal .

On your Mobile

Use Enfold while travelling or sipping a cup of coffee. Our platform has been built to fit all mobile and tablet devices. From attendance updates to live transport tracking, all features are available for parents and teachers on-the-go, at their fingertips.


Your data is hosted on high availability cloud servers. Access to complete information concerning administration, staff supervision and student academics is now just a click away - anytime, anywhere.

Quick Setup

Set-up and initialization of Enfold is a quick and easy process. Our data import feature facilitates effortless bulk import of your existing data to the new system and lets you resume work in no time.

Data Security

Periodic backup and recovery strategy with secure storage for data assets assures that your data is always safe. A Strict Non-Disclosure Agreement and Standard Operating Procedures keep all information confidential .

Customer Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable support team empowers our customers to get the most out of Enfold. Fast and reliable customer support is available to assist you 24/7 on all 365 days via email, chat and phone.

Application Modules

As an integrated system having centralized data management and multi-role functionality with an easy-to-use interface,
Enfold helps employees save tremendous effort.

Core Modules

+   Applications

+   Students

+   Staff

+   Classes

+  Time Table

+   Attendance

+   Classwork

+   Assignments

+   Academic Calendar

+   Exams

+   Events

+   Personal Remarks

+   Groups

+   Fees

+  Transportation

+   Notifications

+   Promotions

+   Communication

+   User Roles

+   Parent Portal

Premium Modules

+   Competitions

+   Shared Subjects

+   Staff Substitution

+   Library

+   Email Alerts

+   SMS Alerts

+   Transport Security

+   Attendance Automation

+   Analytic Report

+   Data Export

+   Weekly Lesson Plan

+   Android Application

+   iOS Application

+   RFID

+   Private Vehicle Trip


+   Branding

+   Preprinted ID cards & Tags

+   Staff Emails

+   Barcode

+   Barcode

+  GPS Vehicle

Awesome Elements

ENFOLD comes with awesome element like advance search, 
, analytic reports, vehicle tracking, academic calendar, learning progression chart etc...


Academic Performance Chart

Academic Performance Charts
are simple, clean, and interactive graphs
for analyzing your child’s performance.

Advanced Search

For anything more you might want to know,
our extended search will render results 
quickly and accurately.


Live Traffic Update

Receive real-time status of buses on trip.
Active notifications indicate when student
miss the bus or alight at different stops.

RFID Cards and Tags

Multi-Functional pre-printed
RFID cards designed and customized as per
the requirement of the schools.


How to Start?

Installation & Setup

It is as easy as just letting us know. Our team will take it from there. Our associates will get the customizations and branding done for you and it is absolutely free!

Data Migration

We have templates to import bulk data to our system. Just hand over your data to us in any available digital form and our support staff will help migrating it to Enfold.

Pilot Running

Our customer relations staff will work with you and your institution to get the data organized. We’ll help your staff to familiarize with the system and assist them to get the best out of it.

“Redirect your efforts, energy and time from managing your school to developing it.”

Our business associates can help you get started right away!